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Ngày đăng:10:48:25 20-04-2017

1.     Renewable energy

Renewable natural energy includes biomass, solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, wave energy, tidal energy, ocean thermal energy and hydraulic energy.

Biomass is the only one of these energy types that is composed of organic substances. From the viewpoint of power generation, this means that the existing power generation systems developed for fossil fuels can also be used for biomass fuel.

2.     Biomass energy

There are four basic types of biomass energy technologies:

- Burning or gasifying biomass to produce steam to turn turbines to generate electricity.

- Burning biomass to generate heat in thermal systems (combined with electricity generation is” combined heat and power”, CHP).

- Collecting gases from landfills or anaerobic digesters to produce energy.

The main types of biomass fuel are forest wood, sawdust and chips from sawmills and crops residue like corn stalks pellets.

With certain exceptions, however, despite the variety of different types of fuel in theory, the current rapid expansion of the biomass energy sector is dependent almost entirely on forest wood.

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