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Date posted : 08:00:00 01-01-1970
HNT IMPEX has a pleasure to cooperate and receive absolute trust from our customers from the very first beginning.
We always strive forward to improve our products by listening to customers’ requirements and strictly controlling the quality at the factories to bring the best quality product and the best service solution with the most competitive price to our partners.
  • Our Business Philosophy
“Trustworthiness and mutual benefit”
There is a belief that people come closer and closer thanks to a word “Trustworthiness”. This is true not only in business activities but also in all social activities.
In addition, people can maintain their sustainable relationship for years since they create a so-called “Mutual benefit”.
Based on these two things, we would like to perform our philosophy and commit it to our customers and partners.
  • Our Vision
We target to boost the agriculture commerce among countries by bringing Vietnam agricultural products to all over the world and on the way back to Vietnam.
Particularly, we would support the biomass energy sector in the world renewable energy revolution and increase export volume up to 300,000 ton/year within the next five years.
Besides, we do hope to successfully assist businesses to realize and seize their developing opportunities. By this way, we would expand our relationship not only with all domestic partners but also with worldwide partners. 
  • Our Mission
We are here to bring mutual benefits to both buyers and sellers which is not only about merchandising but also much more about collaborating and accompanying with them until the end of a deal or even a project.
  • Core Values
“Your reliable partner”
- Trustworthiness - Acquiring trust, respect and good reputation from our customers, suppliers and all the partners.

- Honesty & Integrity - Saying what you mean. Doing what you promise.
- Affinity - Engaging with our customers, suppliers and partners with comprehensive mindset of their needs as well as their interest.
- Passion - Achieving our targets with a passion.