About Us

Company profile

Company name: HNT IMPEX CO., LTD.

Abbreviated name: HNT IMPEX

Director: Ms. Nancy Nguyen

Head office: 3rd fl, An Phu Plaza, 117-119 Ly Chinh Thang St., W. 7, Dist. 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Phone No.: +84 914 850525

Tax code: 0312876152

Our Concept

HNT IMPEX has a pleasure to cooperate and receive absolute trust from our customers from the very first beginning.

Started as a trader, we are moving on to the next chapter of our development as a “reliable partner” who connects Vietnamese local suppliers without English command and/or export experience with worldwide buyers. A whole process from translation and communication with Vietnamese manufacturers, factory inspection, contract finalization to product delivery is offer at HNT IMPEX.

Our Business Philosophy

“Trustworthiness and mutual benefit”

There is a belief that people come closer and closer thanks to a word “Trustworthiness”. This is true not only in business but also in all social activities.

In addition, people can maintain their sustainable relationship for years since they create a so-called “Mutual benefit”.

Based on these two points of view, we would like to perform our philosophy and commit it to our customers and partners.

Our Vision

Vietnam shall be known better as a country of high-quality agricultural goods and HNT Impex shall be the first name people think of once looking for an item made in Vietnam.  

Our Mission

We target to boost agriculture trade among countries by bringing Vietnam agricultural products to all over the world and on the way back to Vietnam. In particular, supporting the biomass energy sector, environment-friendly products, vegetables, fruits, nuts, spices is our main activity.